Applying for a Construction Permit in Kenya

Applying for a construction permit in Kenya is a lengthy process. Below are the steps involved and other requirements.

  1. 22 steps for aquiring one
  2. 32 Required Documents
  3. Estimated Costs
  4. Timelines

22 steps for aquiring a Construction Permit
  1. Request for Folio Registry number search
  2. Pay for Folio Registry number search
  3. Submit search payment receipt
  4. Confirm availability of survey plan
  5. Pay for survey plan
  6. Obtain survey plan Architectural plans approval
  7. Register with Nairobi City County self service portal language
  8. Submit architectural plans language
  9. Pay for permit fees
  10. Obtain architectural plans approval notification language
  11. Submit architectural plans for signing
  12. Obtain authenticated architectural plans and construction permit Structural plans approval
  13. Submit structural plans language
  14. Obtain structural plans approval notification language
  15. Submit structural plans for signing
  16. Obtain authenticated structural plans National construction Authority (NCA) approval
  17. Submit application for project registration
  18. Obtain notification of approval
  19. Payment of construction levy fees
  20. Submit payment receipt
  21. Obtain preliminary compliance certificate
  22. Obtain compliance certificate
Required Documents
  1. Proof of land ownership (x 2)
  2. Authorization for payment
  3. Search payment receipt
  4. Search payment receipt with FR number
  5. Authorization for payment for survey plan
  6. Survey plan payment receipt
  7. Disclaimer form
  8. Architectural drawings (x 2)
  9. Survey plan
  10. Land rates clearance receipt
  11. Change of user
  12. Construction permit invoice
  13. Notification of approval of architectural plans
  14. Idemnity form
  15. Certificate of structural design
  16. Structural drawings (x 2)
  17. Structural design calculations
  18. Engineer's practicing certificate (x 2)
  19. Engineer's registration certificate
  20. NCA project registration form
  21. Authenticated architectural plans
  22. Authenticated structural plans
  23. Nema approval
  24. Bill of quantities
  25. Contract / Agreement
  26. Contractor's registration certificate
  27. Quantity surveyor's practising certificate
  28. Architect's practising certificate
  29. Stamped application form
  30. Levy payment notification (x 2)
  31. Payment receipt for levy fees (x 2)
  32. Preliminary compliance certificate

Estimated cost KES 242,000

This is an estimate based on a series of assumptions which you can modify to calculate your own costs:

Cost detail
KES 150 For Folio Registry number search
KES 650 For survey plan
KES 30,000 For site construction board
KES 211,200 For construction fee for a four storeys office block measuring 200Metres squared per floor – estimate
KES 0 – 0.5 % contract / transaction amount of any construction works above Five Million


Total Duration 118d – 178d Min.Max.
Total time (sum):118d178d
of which:
Waiting time in queue (sum):1h. 5mn1d 1/2
Attention at counter:3h. 5mn2d
Waiting time until next step (sum):117d174d

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