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Kilimani Apartments

Posted by bomabora on March 4, 2016

In Nairobi, uptown means west (more precisely west 0f Nairobi, which is the direction the city and its street grid system is oriented on the lest side) and downtown means East (towards Eastlands). This usage differs from that of most Nairobi neighborhoods, where downtown refers to the central business district. Kilimani has two main business hubs, the Hurlingham on the lower end of the neighborhood, and Yaya Centre are on the upper end. The area is exploding with modern apartments, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, restaurants and many other amenities.

Considered an upper middle class neighborhood, it has transformed over the years as demand for housing is ever on the rise attracting many investors to the area. Some of the notable amenities you can find in the area are listed below:




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