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Property & Facility Management
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Appraisal & Valuation

When buying or selling a property, you need to have it valued to determine its worth at that particular time. The purposes for valuation include taking a mortgage, buying insurance cover, determining rental value and bookkeeping.

It is common for property owners, prospective buyers and insurance companies not agree on the right price for a property or for insurance settlements. Valuations can solve that challenge.

We carry out valuation for all types of property including: Residential. Commercial; Industrial property, including plant and machinery.

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Agency - Sales & Letting

With all integrity issues facing real estate industry including presence of quacks, forged documents, dishonest agents and corruption, Boma Bora stands to represent our client’s interest in the best way to avoid these pitfalls. Our client representation processes are designed to be above board without compromise of professional ethics and integrity. The major services provided include:

  • Sourcing for buyers on behalf of property sellers
  • Sourcing of property for buyers
  • Property acquisition and long term lease negotiations
  • Property letting on behalf of landlords
  • Sourcing of property on behalf of tenants
  • Other real estate agency services

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Consultancy and Advisory

We offer an array of consultancy and advisory services:

  • Architectural Designs
  • Electrical Design & Installation
  • Permits and Licencing applications
  • Sourcing of Finance for Projects
  • Project Proposals
  • Project Management
  • Environmental Health and Safety Services
  • Fire Safety and First Aid Training
  • Conveyance Services

Common financing options

  1. Construction Loan
  2. Family/ Friends Financing
  3. Own Financing
  4. Joint Venture
  5. Mortgages
Management - Property & Facilities

Enhancing returns to our client’s real estate investments is priority in all Boma Bora’s engagements. Boma Bora provides critical advice, facilities and property management services to ensure optimal returns on investments are realized. Property management professionals provide a diverse range of strategic activities that ensure that the properties are well maintained and rent is paid on time to enable them meet their financial obligations including mortgage repayments. Services that Boma Bora provides under property & facilities management include:

  • Rent collection and remittance of the rent to the landlords at the agreed intervals;
  • Collection of service charge, ensure payment of bills, service providers.
  • Reconciliation of service charge;
  • Attending to tenants needs according to our service level agreements
  • Ensure properties are well maintained and kept;
  • Tendering for service providers e.g. Cleaners, security, fire protection etc.
  • Ensuring properties are kept in the highest repair and maintenance standards.
  • Acting as liaison between landlords and tenants.
  • Ensuring the statutory conditions are met and statutory payments made to the relevant authorities on time.
  • These include land rates, land rent and relevant development approval fees

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Building and Construction Services

We have partnered with industry experts with reputable experience in the various fields of building and construction. Below are some the areas of expertise:

  • Architectural Services
  • Civil Engineering Services
  • Electrical Engineering Services
  • Mechanical Engineering Services
  • Quantity Surveying Services

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